Welcome to the History subject page. Below you will find a breakdown of each year group, including the curriculum that is taught, learning demonstrations we use to assess knowledge and skills,  what enrichment opportunities the department provides and what can be expected in terms of homework. If you need any further information, please contact our lead, Mr Marshall, at darrell.marshall@lecacademy.org.


Our Vision

We recognise the duty we have as educators and humanitarians to empower the next generation to 'be the change' and to question evidence.  We embrace this opportunity to develop the students' knowledge of the past to inform their world view, champion diversity and advocate finding the truth. Our vision for compliant and engaging behaviour is taking pride in the presentation of your work, actively seeking to make connections within the curriculum and showing enthusiasm in class. We develop Historians who are able to place their learning within the big picture of History and understand the process of conservation as well as the business of History as they evaluate their sense of self and decode the present. 


Teaching Staff

Mr Marshall, Mr Townsend, Miss Hourigan



History Curriculum Map

KS4 History Overview


Learning Support

Knowledge Organisers History


Homework is set on a regular basis by the class teacher and can be accessed by logging into your Go4Schools account. 




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