Welcome to the Maths subject page. Below you will find a breakdown of each year group, including the curriculum that is taught, learning demonstrations we use to assess knowledge and skills, what enrichment opportunities the department provides and what can be expected in terms of homework. If you need any further information, please contact our lead, Mr Towle at

Maths is beautiful, maths is useful.

Our Vision

We aim to develop mathematicians who are fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, so that they find the subject useful. This is done through varied and frequent practice over time, so that students develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall knowledge rapidly and accurately. Mathematics is essential to everyday life, and is the building blocks for all technology-based subjects as well as the sciences. We understand that the skills and knowledge gained in mathematics will be vital to our students in their adult life and needed so they can be confident when dealing with personal finance, as well assisting them with numerous employment opportunities.


As a faculty, we want to develop a positive attitude towards maths and its applications. We aim to provide students with the knowledge of how to use and apply maths, and its potential to enrich wider aspects of their education, helping realise that maths is beautiful.  As a department we focus on showing the beauty and use of the subject, and the ultimate reward is a good GCSE grade.

Teaching Staff

Mr Towle, Miss Armsby, Mr Dicks



Maths Curriculum Map

KS4 Mathematics Overview


Learning Support

Knowledge Organiser Maths


Homework is set on a regular basis by the class teacher and can be accessed by logging into your Go4Schools account. 




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