Yerterday, as has become tradition in the last three years, LECA students proudly represented the Academy at the Littleport Remembrance Parade and Service with Hannah laying the wreath and Sky reading the Kohima. We stood for the two minute silence along with hundreds of others in Littleport and the millions of people around the country and it was truly a poignant moment which our students will always observe.

Today, for Armistice Day, we will do the same with Mr Dicks, an ex-soldier of the British Army, leading the ceremony at break time. Students from guides, scouts and the local cadet forces will be in uniform and we will stand together in silence again. To this generation, the wars and conflicts we refer to in these ceremonies are confined to the history books with fewer and fewer war veterans now remaining to tell their story. That is why Remembrance is so important: not only to remember the fallen heroes of the wars but to remember the horror that war is and to be resolute in our minds that we will never go to war like that again. It is for this generation to carry that forward in their lives and always strive for peace.