We are very proud of our uniform and expect all of our students to wear it with pride.

Our uniform suppliers are Total Clothing.  Please click here to navigate to our LECA webshop page.  If you cannot see the sizes you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact them directly, and they will endeavour to help.  

*** Pre-Loved *** LECA has a small stock of Pre-Loved items - please contact jo.hedges@lecacademy.org for more information. Monies raised go to East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Uniform Guide & Price List


  • Please order by Friday 25th June 2021 for free delivery to school (delivery due w/c 12th July). 
  • Home delivery £3.95 per order (order by 12th August 2021).
  • Free collection in person from the stockist in Peterborough. 

You can also find some really useful information via the links below in regards to sizing and uniform requirements: 

Link to sizing video landing page - https://totalclothing.co.uk/school-uniform-guide-littleport-and-east-camb-academy/


Things to Note: 

Trousers/Skirts must be dark grey (skirts are to be pleated and knee length).  These may be purchased from the High Street if you prefer, as can White Shirts and Navy V Neck Jumpers.  

PE Kit:  Training top and PE Top must be purchased from our uniform supplier - socks can be either White or the LECA socks from Total Clothing. 

Mouth guards, shin pads and studded trainers/boots are also required for PE. Rugby will be taught to both girls and boys - so these items are mandatory. 

Please note:   It may be worth waiting to purchase studs after we start back in September.  We can then confirm when they will be taught (and if COVID restrictions allow). 


Other Uniform Considerations


  • Jewellery is not permitted except one pair of studs in earlobes. Other piercings are not permitted.
  • Watches may be worn, however Smart Watches must not be activated during the school day and cannot be worn during assessments.
  • Discreet cover up make-up is permitted.  The Academy will determine whether make-up is discreet and may ask students to remove make-up if it has been heavily applied.  Fake eyelashes are also not permitted.
  • Nail varnish is not permitted.  No gel, acrylic or false nails. 
  • Hair should be of a natural colour and cut in a neat style. Mohawks or other styles deemed ‘extreme’ (including tramlines / patterns / grade 1 or zero) are not permitted.
  • Hairspray should not be used as this can be hazardous in labs and workshops
  • Outdoor coats should not bear logos or decorations and should not be leather.
  • Shoes – should be smart synthetic or leather.  We DO NOT accept canvas shoes, black trainers or leather ‘trainer style’ shoes such as Vans/Converse etc.  Shoes should be plain in style, bear NO logos or embellishments.  They can be slip-on, Velcro or lace-ups.  Ankle boots again must be synthetic or leather.  We do not accept ‘Ugg’ style boots or ‘Doc Martins’.



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